Introduction: What Are Ghosts?

Across Africa and the whole world, it isn’t unusual for people to claim that they have been visited by their dead fellows! Many people have encountered what they think are human ghosts or spiritual beings of the deceased. In witchcraft, the healer claims to bring back your deceased ancestors for…

Should you pursue a guy?

A simple Google search about chasing after or pursuing a guy brings out one answer, a NO! With our modern feminism setting in, it is very hard to find any writer encouraging a beautiful lady to chase after that which she wants, a man. Wait! We have not even ascertained…

Today, Uganda, in an exciting move, is going to start treating COVID-19 patients with convalescent plasma. According to Dr. Aceng and Ministry of Health, commencement of this trial will determine the efficacy of the treatment and inform our next steps. According to the minister, writes Amamukirori Betty of New Vision

Nemeyimana Nemvicx Vicent

Professionally, a nurse & public health officer. Founder & CEO @MIKLAH, SWAPafrica, Yapheh Salons, etc, Sacred Entrepreneur, Author & Speaker.

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